Truly Tuesday

A good day, CPN appointment this morning,  felt a bit bad because I did not have anything exciting to tell him as I have been so level, I have promised I will go on a rampage for next time…… but in all seriousness it is such a relief to have a quiet head, to not want to hurt myself and those around me to distance myself from love and support. I went to work for a couple of hours (permitted)  and worked through my pile of papers, invoices and receipts which was quite cathartic. I recieved a letter of thanks for a kids workshop that I managed to motivate myself to do, with support from my friend Sharon a couple of weeks ago and this made me really feel good about myself and valued. Great to be able to accept this thanks without looking at the ulterior motives that I was convinced
existed in every kind act or word that I have been given over the last year!

After work a visit to the lovely Lauren who is designing my next tattoo that she will adorn me with next week. Then home and a treat of one large glass of red wine….. yes those who know me … I stopped after that , not three bottles as was the norm…. meal cooked and radio and knitting time. And guess what Tuesdays knitting project is? Yep a Hedgehog, this time a green hedgehog for my brother Guy.

So plans for tomorrow.  Finish green hog (feet to do) sort out my registration to finish my degree with the OU and paint a picture of Jeremy Corbyn as if there’s one person who is there to be celebrated it’s him.

I need to upload some more pics of my art and knitted creations but in the meantime here’s some more bloody hedgehogs!


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