Happy Corbyn Day

Well, face has healed almost completely, only took about five days! I used a product called Balm Balm (www.balmbalm.com) that feels like pure plant moisture and is all ethical and not tested at any point on bouncing bunnies so that’s good. I have never endorsed a product before but my Lord this stuff is amazing. Highly recommended for those hypomanic days when battering yourself against a wall or the floor is all too inevitable!

It was a pretty awful accident, and a sharp reminder that I am not indestructible but the positive love and kind words and gifts from friends and strangers (from both those touched by mental health issues and those who have not) has been overwhelming and I am in no doubt has speeded up my recovery.

Mentally I feel in a stable, warm place but am aware that again this could be the proverbial calm before the storm, so absolutely no alcohol, no going out in the evenings (boo missed Sanction This playing at the Bull last night and Tattoo the Taboo auction) as need to stay calm and safe. Good homemade food is in order and long baths and herbal tea. But I watched the last two episodes of Gotham and cooked a meal for Mr.Smith so was not a bad Saturday night and I was up early this morning feeling refreshed.

Anyhow, I have started the ‘I Love Corbyn’ Painting that has been in my head for a couple of weeks and have made a decision to paint bright and happy rather than dark and sad. Also nearly finished wee Silver Lady hedgehog to live with my friend Matthew in his Hairdressers Bijoux on Chillingham Road. Be aware, they are taking over the world…..


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