Isolation baking. Mick makes shortbread….

Yesterday Mick wanted to learn to bake shortbread….. we have videoed the process and you can find it on our Facebook page @alyandmicksmith .We can’t find out how to edit so they are a bit unprofessional and long but honest…and it is something we can keep to look back on after we are all released from captivity.

vegan shortbread

This recipe was meant to serve 12 however Mick has made it into 6 portions as is the  cook’s prerogative! We are vegan so if you fancy making some vegan flapjacks here’s the recipe –

Mick’s Vegan Isolation Shortbread – 12 portions –

Ingredients –

125 g margarine (we used Flora vegan marg.)

125g light brown sugar (it’s meant to be white caster sugar but we didn’t have any)

180g plain flour

Method –

Cream the butter and sugar in a bowl

Stir in the flour to get a smooth paste

Push into a small square baking tray (ours was 18cm x 18cm) try to make it 1cm thick

Cut into portions – Mick’s handy tip – use a pizza cutter

Preheat the oven to 190C

Chill in fridge for 20 mins whilst oven is heating

Bake for 20 minutes

Leave as long as you are able to cool and scoff with strong coffee and try to forget the amount of sugar you have devoured by promising to yourself that you will get up at 6am tomorrow morning and go jogging…


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