When Mick fell asleep….

Blog by Aly –

I have been knitting wee flowers to launch my art project #1in100 (more details on launch) which will be a response to my bipolar.The project will consist of 100 art pieces which will be exhibited in galleries or online, each exhibition having 100 art pieces within it. I reckon I can do this over 20 to 25 years so better cut down on the cake and get healthy as I am almost 50 now!

The premise is that 1 in 100 of us have bipolar which I think is quite a high number and it’s about time we came out of our mental health closet and let the world know we are here and are nothing to be scared off! Disclaimer – I expect some of us are a bit scary -I probably am sometimes after to much whisky!

Anyhow more of that on launch ….. meanwhile in other isolation madness…..

Mick fell asleep the other afternoon and I turned him into ‘Ophelia’ by John Everett Millais…..


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