portraits4ppe-online-exhibition blog by Aly

Portrait of Penny  by Aly was chosen to go into an online exhibition by Disability Arts – all info below pic.

Aly Smith - Portrait of pennyArtist Name: Aly Smith

Artist email address: alylousmith123@yahoo.com

The title of the portrait: ‘Penny’

Time code of work on exhibition film: 07:00- 09:00

Information about the person it depicts:

Penny has been supporting people in the Byker area for many years now by cooking and ensuring families and individuals have food. She campaigns against food poverty, and during this time of Covid 19 she has continued cooking voluntarily and getting meals to sheltered housing residents.

A description of the portrait: A pencil line drawn portrait of a woman wearing glasses, she looks serious.

Information about the artist: Aly Smith is an artist with bi-polar and a few other mental health diagnosis thrown in depending which health care provider she sees. Her work often looks at the comedic side of her bi-polar whilst wanting to raise awareness of mental health and the struggles that herself and people have.

Portrait for sale £25.00 all proceeds go to an NHS charity.


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