10.15 on a Saturday Night – blog by Aly

10.15 on a Saturday Night, diptych, oil on board, each piece 16″ x 12″.

Inspired by The Cure’s song of the same name these pieces were created to celebrate my love of a band whose music has been integral to my wellbeing throughout my life. I am big on lyrics linking them to episodes and feelings I have experienced.  When you have bi-polar, relationships and navigating life can be hard and non-sensical. Actions can make sense to one person but not the other. Fairly natural feelings can be escalated and it is hard to ‘belong’. Sometimes music just makes so much sense, songs become written about you, for you, by people you will never meet but somehow they get you…..and that feels good. 

10.15 on a Saturday Night
10.15 on a Saturday Night

‘10.15 on a Saturday nightAnd the tap drips under the strip light’
Written by Lol Tolhurst, Michael Dempsey & Robert Smith

Work available to buy via http://www.streetartinitiative.co.uk

Tiger King blog by Aly

And then this happened …..during lock-down we have watched intellectual films, documentaries and other TV programmes, we listened to Guardian recommended podcasts…delved into online theatre … then we ran out … and then I said…
‘Mick, people rave about this Tiger King thing… we should keep up to date with popular culture…’ OMG! OMG! Our heads have exploded….I don’t know who I like or dislike , I don’t know who is sane and who isn’t and spent yesterday drawing Joe Exotic and Carole Basking .. we have only watched three episodes…