The Adventures of Isolated Aly & Mick – Hacksaw Haircuts and Isolation Flapjacks


So alongside all of us in the UK we are isolating as much as possible and it seems a perfect opportunity to relaunch this blog… only been a couple of years! Everyone now has to cut their own hair and unless you are self-isolating with a hairdresser (lucky you) we predict the new trend will be hacksaw hair cuts. #hacksawhaircut  will be trending soon!

At this time we me and Mick are trying to remain positive – no issues with bipolar thank goodness – nice and level – but we have had all our expected income put on hold as we can’t carry out the art workshops we had lined up. We are trying to live off Universal Credit and will attempt to get some portrait commissions in.

On the plus side Mick asked to learn to bake as he has never done so before and at the age of 58 thought it was about time.

This recipe was meant to serve 12 however Mick has made it into 6 portions as is the  cook’s prerogative! We are vegan so if you fancy making some vegan flapjacks here’s the recipe –

Mick’s Vegan Isolation Flapjacks – 6 to 12 portions depending how much of a gannet you are –

Ingredients –

250g porridge oats (we used Morrison’s Savers oats – under a quid a big bag)

125 g margarine (we used Flora vegan marg.)

125g light brown sugar

2 to 3 tbsp golden syrup (obviously Mick put in 3 large ones!)

Method –

Preheat the oven to 200C

Melt the marg. and sugar in a pan

When that’s done stir in the oats and the syrup.

Push into a small square baking tray (ours was 18cm x 18cm)

Bake for 20 minutes

When out of oven and still hot slice into portions in the tin

Mick’s handy tip – use a pizza cutter!

Allow to cool and scoff with strong coffee and try to forget the amount of sugar you have devoured by promising to offset it with 16 weeks of isolation yoga!